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Sat, November 3, 2007

Just wanted to share something with all of you that you might find intriguing. I do a fair amount of language learning in a village called Merindanum. "Danum" is the Palawano word for water. I usually converse with Ering and his children: Dading, Dyusi, and Ligi. The interesting thing is that none of them know what their age is.I converse with them and I usually read a passage from the Bible to them before I leave. I read a passage from the handwritten sections of the Bible that are in Palawano. Please pray for this family that they would come to know the Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ.

I spend about two hours language learning each day and the rest of the day I work on typing in handwritten translations of the Bible in Palawan. This helps my Palawanos as well. These people do not have the Word of God in their hands yet, but they will in due time. Putting together a Bible is tedious work because even after we get it all typed in to the computer my supervisor and I will have to go through and do a lot of editing. It is somewhat difficult to read the handwritten manuscripts because I don't know Palawano that well and the handwriting and punctuation are difficult to decipher. However, the work is still progressing and I take joy in the fact that the Palawanos will one day have a Bible in their hands, I would like my own copy as well.


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