Sat, November 24, 2007

Touching the stars on a rainy night!

Writing to keep in touch with everyone. Language learning is coming along yet I still have much to learn. Been busy with entering handwritten manuscripts of the Bible in Palawano into the computer and helping carry wood to the new clinic that is being built here. The medical ministry here is a very important part to reaching the people and the helicopter is great to have to aid with medical work.

I will tell you about a unique experience that happened about a week ago. I went down to the lowlands to help put with afternoon church services and when we finished we hiked back to our mountain home. On the way back I had one of the most interesting experiences ever. We began the hike in rain and it pretty much rained the whole hike. We were walking and we saw a bunch of little lights to our left hand side as we were hiking up the river/waterfall. The little lights were small fungal growth on the branches of the trees. It was raining and it was very dark so we were able to see the lights really well when we turned off our flashlights. I thought it was one of the coolest things and when in the midst of the branches and it was awesome. It was like looking at the stars at night but in this little microcosm of mine amidst the branches the stars were in three dimensions and I could actually reach out and touch them. It is hard to explain the beauty of the experience but it really brought me a lot of joy and I thought that I would share that with you.

On Thanksgiving Day right before dinner there was a medical call and my friends had to fly in the helicopter to get to the patient to care for him. So the pilot,Dwayne, and the nurse, David flew to where the patient was. David had not finished caring for the patient before dark so Dwayne had to fly back before it got too dark so David had to stay with the patient. My friends Nathan and Naphtali did not want to have Thanksgiving Dinner without David and the only way David could get back was by hiking back but he also needed our help to get across the river which was flooded more than it has ever been. To shorten up this story, we went down with some ropes and helped David to get across the river so that he could have dinner with us. It was dangerous to cross the river, especially at night time but we had ropes for safety and had a lot of fun rescuing David from not being able to have Thanksgiving Dinner with us.

Will continue to write as new things come up. God bless and please keep praying for my language learning and the people here. Thanks!


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